Sunday, 22 March 2015

Highlight Reel

It would seem that the blogging days are coming to an end as the Facebook empire continues to grow and reign over all other forms internet communication. However for the few people that may still look at this blog and may not have already seen it below is my highlight reel for 2013-2014. Enjoy

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Brazil Photo Dump

I recently was lucky enough to be invited on a 6 week trip to Brazil, we were hoping for an expedition style trip lining up first descents but a drought stopped that and we were left boating only the classics. Not such a bad thing. Im not going to write much of a story as it has all already been told by Jordy ( check out his blog and nearly all these images are there to but ill share them regardless. Enjoy!

One of thousands of awesome jungle churches

First glimpses of the Rio Preto, time to stat getting fired up.

Massive 2nd D for Jordy

Less than ideal

Epicness on the Preto

And more

even more

Seriously low water on the Parabuna, this would have been world class with the right flow.

The only photo taken for a week at Carnival

A "tame" goose

A bad place to be upside down, a lucky roll right now saves jordys face.

One of the three Marcelos on the beautiful Itajai do sul

This was an unbelievable trip and i cant wait to return, thanks to everyone who made it possible you know who you are! For now im stuck in Mongolia for 4 more days then off to the states, for another 4 months in my boat.

Friday, 17 January 2014


2013 was good to me! Beginning with my kayak in Chile followed some home time in NZ enjoying summer in nelson hanging with my family and friends and boating on my backyard runs. In April I was lucky enough to be a part of a kayaking expedition into the remote highlands in Papua New Guinea and then for June and the best part of July i paddled the ultra classic white water of Idaho and Washington. From here i then changed my game a little left my kayak and managed a motorbike adventure across Mongolia after which i remained there working for a further 3 months. Now I have returned home to NZ and have been once again living the good life.Staying with my mum and Girlfriend in Golden Bay, catching up with those friends outside of the kayaking circle and of course having plenty of time boating on the west coast emptying my pockets on helicopters and enjoying the waters on which my kayaking career began. Below are a few of my favorite shots from the year and then a bunch taken since returning to NZ.

Amazing shot of myself dropping into the 70ft Middle Palguin Falls, Cheers Nicholas Gottlieb for the Pic

Seth Killing it on the Nevados

Big waters of the Busu in PNG! such good times.

The team at the end of expedition and still alive!

Myself on Monkey cage falls USA.

My final night in the USA i was treated to an awesome storm over Salt Lake City

Filthy at the end of the motorbike expedition across Mongolia.

Feeling a little imprisoned!

Work one beautiful clear night

Another stunning evening on the job

And then it got Cold

Day 1 back in NZ and already blowing my hard earned cash. STOKED!!!

Jordy Firing hard, day 1 on the Upper Whitcombe

My first real trip shooting with my new 8mm Fisheye lens, it produces some amazing images!

Taylor loving life early on day 2

Just sooo good.

Patrick our new resident shuttle driver getting us to the top of the Kokatahi

Walking in to explore the seldom run Upper Turnbul.

And it was worth every step, Masty fires up the first drop.


The good life!
Walk done, sun shining, good flow = Happy days.
Starting the day in style, Basso rolls through the first series of drops.
Boxed in but as always so so good.
Finding his wings and flying, Jordy crushing the second to last drop in T canyon.

Wharariki Beach

SUP boarding off my front doorstep.

A little playing with my latest lens addition.

2013 was good to me, thanks to everyone who made it possible and all those people i met along the way! Lots of plans in the pipework now so lets hope 2014 shapes up even better.